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This brief discussion from 2005 might be of interest:



> my earlier post about a parallel
> between 'Later On' & a few Fahey albums

is here


in response to


I don't recall this discussion really going anywhere, but the confirmation of 
correspondence between Fahey and Corwood was an interesting detail to me.



On 09/01/2011 18:26, Alex Koenig wrote:
> I've been listening to many of the early John Fahey albums recently, and despite
> the very different sounds the two men produce and their different approaches to
> guitar I couldn't help but notice some similarities between some of his work and
> the work of Corwood.
> Fahey's approach to releasing the music, often using bare bones packaging, no
> real record covers, just titles, on his first three albums struck me as similar
> at first. There's also the fact that the record only reveals his name, the album
> title, the label name, and song titles.
> But there's also his approach to recording, the albums themselves often contain
> only one instrument and are recorded in a pretty lo-fi manner. In fact, it
> sometimes sounds as if they were recorded in the same room as the Corwood albums.
> Now I suppose these are pretty superficial similarities, they have very little
> bearing on the actual music the two men produced. But when I wonder what may
> have been some of the early influences on the Jandek albums, I suppose in terms
> of pure presentation, I can't help but wonder if Fahey and the early Takoma
> catalog had a bit of a hand in shaping the Corwood aesthetic.
> Which I suppose could bring us to the broader topic of just what in the hell was
> the rep listening to when he crafted this method of making and releasing music?
> And for those unfamiliar with the music of John Fahey, you can never go wrong
> with wikipedia...
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Fahey_(musician)
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