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OK, here are my personal favorites from his earlier stuff: Blue Corpse, You Walk Alone (probably my fave), On The Way, and also the Jandek On Corwood documentary!  What I have heard from the spoken word material is quite compelling...
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I have been thinking for weeks about making this first post.  I have only recently been shown the music 
of Jandek.  You would normally find me rocking out to Metallica or Disturbed (Understandably terrible in comparison to Jandek, Please don't hold that against me. hahaha)  I heard "White Box Requiem" and have been changed.  But there are so many things I have read about.  The whole thing seems hard to believe.  I am waiting to get my copy of Jandek on Corwood in the mail.  I have read many good mentions of it here on the list.  Which albums should I get next?  I have heard a couple of live clips, and those really interest me.  Best live shows ???? What should I buy.  I keep trying to show my friends but they are NOT INTERESTED at all.  They're still stuck in the land of Metallica and Ozzy.  Was this guy born on another planet? Where WAS he born!? Does anyone know.  I have never been this weirded out by music.
But I am willing to venture forward, with you guys' help.

Thank you, hope I am not a bother.

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