[Jandek] Corwood's Pupil

Erik Jones erik.jones47 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 7 14:40:24 PST 2011

Anyone else heard of these guys? I've heard them a few times on Irwin Chusid's 
radio show on WFMU and was interested. He said they are inspired by Jandek and 
said how the cd cover was very similar. Interesting he'd play them since he sold 
all his Corwood on ebay :-) I Googled them and found that they had been 
mentioned before on this list too

I ordered their cds (I found 2) to see the packaging. They came in today and the 
layout is almost exactly the same as Corwood, except there's no PO Box...just an 
email (and they use "Stoneridge" Industries rather than Corwood :-). The covers 
are shot in a Jandek like way and show a couch (like Ready for this House but 
not as art deco) and a b/w photo of a young male. On first listen, the music is 
much more melodic than Jandek, but on a couple of the songs, you can tell 
Corwood is an influence.

Anyone else seen/heard them? I can't find anything online other than places to 
buy it, and that they're from Tennessee.

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