[Jandek] re: HOW SONGS HAVE BEEN ALTERED (Nate Wilson)

Chris Robinson hardeveningsuburb at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 15:58:23 PST 2011

Having discovered Jandek after albums 1-22 of the original albums were made
available on cd, I can attest to what Nate is saying about the way the old
Corwood vinyl sounds.  While I only own 16 of the 22 lps, they all sound
markedly different than their digital counterparts.

When I finally managed to acquire a copy of Later On on vinyl, it took me by
surprise.  Nate's description was spot on: it really sounds like Jandek is
in the room with you.  There's no reverb to speak of.  It gives the record a
feeling of immediacy that the cd version forgoes in exchange for reverb,
which in my opinion makes the albums sound a lot more polished and elegant.
I like both versions.  I think they're both worth having.

Six and Six is another interesting one.  The cd and Jackpot vinyl versions
sound more polished and "listenable" in the conventional sense, while the
original vinyl version sounds rougher around the edges and sounds more like
Jandek is nearby (in the case of Six and Six, across a narrow concrete room
from where you are sitting).  I consider myself lucky to have both.  While I
admittedly don't listen to the original vinyl version as much as I do the
reissues (mostly because the original cost me a quite a lot and I don't want
to wear it out), it's totally worth having if at all possible.

Nine Thirty is a mastered a lot quieter in its original vinyl incarnation.
I have to turn the volume way up if I want to play it loud, but luckily this
isn't the kind of record that needs to be played at a staggering volume.  On
The Way has a similar attribute, especially on side B. with "I'll Sit Alone
and Think a Lot About You," which is very, very quiet.  Another weird volume
issue: on One Foot In The North, the song "Alehouse Blues" is mastered at a
higher volume than the surrounding tracks.  I'll be sitting and listening to
the album at a reasonable volume when suddenly "Alehouse Blues" comes on and
I have to go turn it down (if I'm listening late at night and don't want to
disturb my cranky downstairs neighbor).

There are many other differences I could talk about, but I'll save them for
a later time.  To compile a very specific list of the differences between
the originals and the reissues would be a fascinating project.
Time-consuming, yes, but I'd be willing to help out (at least in regards to
the albums I own on both media).

Until then...
Chris Robinson
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