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Wed Feb 2 10:51:08 PST 2011

While I would not disagree with Nate that

> the cds and the LPS are VERY DIFFERENT
> from each other.

I have to (respectfully, of course!) disagree that

 > The removal of the "negro" lyric was as simple as taking the vocal line out
 > of the mix completely
 > Not a hard edit in the least

because, logistically, removing the vocal line would throw the vocal out of 
synch with the guitar line - did a bit of dicking about with Georgia East  vinyl 
and CD versions in sound editor this afternoon to confirm this, and the edit is 
across the whole track, rather than just the vocal line. However I did also 
discover (hadn't noticed before) that there is *another* edit in the same track, 
where 'you sure are strange' was originally 'you people sure are strange' 
(another 'socially responsible' edit?) - and then another 6 seconds of extra 
guitar have been added after the last vocal phrase, but before the ending, maybe 
to bring the CD version running time to match the vinyl version...so there are 
some very subtle edits that have been made for the CD issues.

> For instance, the LP of Later On has BARELY ANY reverb and the cd does.
> The record sounds like he is right in the room with you.

This is true, but I've always assumed (and I have some nominal experience here) 
that, after the aforementioned edits, 2 track tapes were denoised heavily, then 
compression added to bring overall volume up, left/right guitar/vocal 
separation made more central, and then reverb added across the entire track, 
rather than to specific parts on a multitrack.

And, what it's worth, for all the cleanness of the Georgia East edit, which is 
obviously either careful amateurism or professionally done (glitching on 
transitions have been minimised), there is some crazy random editing on original 
vinyl that has been restored on CD, the reverse of what was done with Georgia 
East, most apparent on On The Way - I can hear on the CD versions minimised 
mic(?) feedback that has been dealt with digitally, but maybe just too 
messy/expensive to deal with on original recording/release, and those just 
snipped out, specifically on side two. And the most inexplicable (to me) being 
Wrap It Up on the same album, where CD has lyric 'wrap it up in ragweed', 
whereas original vinyl just says 'wrap it up', no ragweed...


On 02/02/2011 04:37, Nate Wilson wrote:
> With that said, I can comfortably tell you that the majority of the old recordings
> were multi-tracked and Corwood Industries still has the master reels to all of
> the albums

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