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I have been wanting to talk about this on the mailing list for a long time.I am an audio engineer and many of you know that I have a Corwood approvedJandek Tribute album out.  I have been in touch with The Rep for a while, due to working with him to try to schedule a show in my home state of Maine.  I also own every cd ever released and I owna copy of all of the original LPS (all 22)
With that said, I can comfortably tell you that the majority of the old recordings were multi-tracked and Corwood Industries still has the master reels to all of the albumsThe removal of the "negro" lyric was as simple as taking the vocal line out of the mix completelyNot a hard edit in the least. 
I have also made posts where I talk at length about how the cds and the LPS are VERY DIFFERENTfrom each other.  For instance, the LP of Later On has BARELY ANY reverb and the cd does.The record sounds like he is right in the room with you.  Some songs are longer on the album then theyare on the cd and vice versa.  I have spent many hours taking recordings from my albums and comparingthem to the cds in Sonar Producer Edition in my home studio.  Some of the songs have had minutes of material removed!  It is amazing.  Everyone should really check out the LPS, they are QUITE BEAUTIFULand quite different from the cds.
There are full sections of music removed or added, there are guitar solos and lyrics that aren't on the cdsand you would never hear them until you heard the records.
I know that it costs a TON of money to get the LPS but it is well worth it.It is a entirely different universe.  It would put a weird perspective on the catalog
Some of the songs are simply just left and right split.... some of the albums you can literally takeout the vocals and just have the guitar and drums to sing along to, because they are hard panned in the mixto one side or another.
I think that somebody should find a way to allow people that don't have the money to purchase the albums to at leastbe able to hear the original vinyl.(my copy of READY FOR THE HOUSE was $246 dollars, my sealed Six and Six was 160, it can get pricey)

anyway to make a long story short... To go into a master recording and take out a voice, or an instrumentis a very simple process and has taken place a ton on the first 22 albums.... 
Thanks for all of your time. 		 	   		  
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