[Jandek] Early Reviews of Ready for the House

nicolem at yorku.ca nicolem at yorku.ca
Wed Aug 31 14:01:33 PDT 2011

Hey list--

Phil Milstein is credited with the first review of Ready for the House and on
Seth Tisue's Guide to Jandek site he refers to Jandek as The Units. This leads
me to believe that this review is very early. Does anyone know the release date
of RFTH by 'The Units?' Was it in '77? For some reason this sticks out in my
mind but I wasn't sure.

Also, is anyone else aware of any really early reviews or printed opinions on
the album? Does anyone on this list know of anyone who bought or otherwise
received the album when it came out all of those years ago?

Cheers and thanks in advance for any responses.


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