[Jandek] Cleveland Sunday

Rob Galo galo.rob at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 09:23:50 PDT 2011

Man, you guys are embarrassing me here... When Che (the man with the
Mediterranean skin and glasses, he booked Jandek in Pittsburgh a year ago
this month) asked me if I wanted to try my hand at having Jandek in
Cleveland, I didn't imagine it having such an effect on people, even other
Jandek fans. I figured, "some folks will show up, if at all, and hopefully
like it, and that's it."  Yet, despite undercutting myself so early on and
the ramshackle fashion in which I made this event happen, it's clear that it
has genuinely moved people, both here and in Cleveland (a longtime CLE
native approached me last night and told me that it was the most
interesting/moving show in a long time that he's seen, talk about high
praise!). I'm so glad that it's worked out this way. I'd feel really
terrible for the parties involved if it went the other direction. Thanks so
much, seriously.

That said, my friend Steven took these great B&W photos of the Rep. Enjoy:
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