[Jandek] Cleveland says "Thank You!"

Rob Galo galo.rob at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 10:46:10 PDT 2011


I would like to say thank you, to all who came to Cleveland for last night's
Jandek concert. I know that many of you were thanking me for putting it on,
or for "curating" it as some of you described it. However, I feel that this
would have been nothing if it was not for the audience, and for that, I am
forever in your debt. It was a pleasure to meet some of you and to connect
after the concert, especially Michael from Georgia, Nicole from Ottawa (I
want to read that dissertation!), and of course, Seth Tisue. Everyone
involved, including the Representative, was pleased with how the evening
went. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Thank you,

Rob Galo

p.s. if you're interested in anything remotely Cleveland-related that isn't
"Jandek," feel free to friend me on Facebook. Make sure to send a message
along with your friend request stating that you're from the Jandek List.
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