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I was planning on it.  However, there was a death in my circle of freinds of this week and I have been asked to serve as the Assistant Priest at the memorial.  I couldn't exactly say no and then attend a Jandek show.

Please post your thoughts and opinions afterwards though.  Have a great time.

Michael Goldman
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Well, I got our tickets - very reasonably priced at $7.00 each. Absurdly low, actually!

very nice of my wife to go along with this, I wouldn't call her a fan, exactly.  I was very stern, I said no rolling her eyes, no making faces, no stomping off in a rage.  She has agreed to the terms.  She went to Oberlin, but its been a couple of decades since she's been back, we're going to go early and go round the campus, see whats changed and whats the same...

It looks like an intriguing show, is anybody else on the list planning to go?

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Looks like there is another concert happening fairly shortly.


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It is with huge regret that the planned Charlottesville, VA has been cancelled for a variety of factors. I really wanted to see the performance happen as did other folks on here and for that, I deeply apologize for anyone being let down by the news. It took awhile to come to this decision and I did everything I could up until the end to make this happen. I hope Corwood will take his ideas for this show to another performance and evreyone will get thier chance to catch another show one day soon.


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I want to play in your town for you and 2 of your friends.
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