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Atlanta is similar, though it has bass clarinet in a really great Eric
Dolphy style (and the performer and I talked about that, so yes the
influence isn't just stating the obvious) and strings. It is almost
certainly my favorite Jandek concert I experienced (and I saw a LOT of good
ones) and I think it may equal the famous "Glasgow Monday". Before that,
though, I saw two others which are coming up: the maelstrom of Chicago
(intensity on a "Glasgow Friday" level, or that's how I remember it. Should
just be a one disc set) and unique, jazzy Indianapolis, which is the one
concert I ever saw that introduced each musician one at a time, starting
with a walking bass and building to the man himself. That one also had some
professional jazz/classical musicians and the flute was shot down by some at
the time, though I liked it. Anyway, in the midst of this is Seattle, which
is basically to Portland what Newcastle is to the original Glasgow Sunday,
though I wasn't there so I have no idea what it will be like other than
really good.

So that's what I know about what I hope we see in the next year or so - in
other words, a great time to be listening.

Also, Toronto still sounds great - it's one for the ages.

On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 5:35 AM, Lars Spurious <lars.spurious at gmail.com>wrote:

> Toronto Sunday is a landmark release for Corwood. I've been awaiting its
> release for years, having read accounts of the concert online. An equal to
> Manhattan Tuesday, but not quite Glasgow Monday (but what could be?), it's
> an intensely meditative and finally redemptive suite, deserving of close,
> undistracted listening. Are there any other similar live releases coming up
> along the same lines as this trilogy?
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