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Hi, another set I didn't find on the website...
Wednesday (Corwood 0801)

Mick Flower (electric guitar, shahi baaja), Chris Corsano
 1.1. Only Twenty Two

I know you're only twenty-two

I know you’ve got things to do

But I can’t wait around too long

For you to prove me wrong(?)

I got my life to live

And you are only twenty-two

The sun shines through the clouds

And rests upon the mountaintop

I see the panoramic view

And you are only twenty-two

So bye bye baby

Off you go

To do the things you’ve got to do

And I – well, I’m not dead

So I’ll move along instead

And we’ll not tarry here no more

We’ll go on like we did before

‘cause you are only twenty-two

And I am flying on the plane

I jump and shout like animals

I pound my chest and say

I’m me (?or mean?)

I got a life, you see(?)

I don’t care you’re only twenty-two

The day ahead is fine with me

I don’t need all the things you feed(?)

The sun goes down on me today

Tomorrow it comes up again


1.2. All I Had

I’m fully prepared

To never hear of you again

I gave you my best

That’s all I had to give

But it’s OK

I’m still living in my own way

I don’t expect another word from you

If I did, I might respond(?)

Have you throw me back(?)

To myself and now I know where I am 

This place is familiar

It’s so down to earth

I guess really it’s my home

I don’t see you anywhere around

After that time and the finish of it(?)

I’m ready to describe without anyone(?)

It’s the way things always go

I guess I just make it that way

Thanks for the dream and the vision of you

Taken away too soon in my life

But it’s OK

I’m old enough to know

I made a mistake to believe

That a thing like that could exist

More than a brief moment

I’m still happy about everything


1.3. Your Plan 

You told me I was a great guy

Because I knew the way to the river

Well, I don’t wanna be a great guy

Because great guys are losers

Forget about the river

And the way how to get there

I didn’t exist then

And I don’t exist now

I’ll go down to drowning(?)

Where the city streets of yore(?)

Who needs a rocket(?)

To disappear in the shade of the buildings

You can be gone(?)

Never enter my mind again

The whole thing was wrong

But I hope I gave you something

Maybe some time ago

When you didn’t know me

You dreamed a fantasy

And I was there to help you through

If so, it was worth it

But now, you’ve got it made

And I’m not invited to your plan of the future


1.4. Wrap It Up

You got to wrap it up

Send me your presents

Wrap it up

Send me your presents

You got to wrap it up

Send me your presents

Send me your presents 

You got to wrap it up

Wrap it up

Send me your presents

Send me your presents

Wrap it up

Wrap it up

Wrap it up

You’ve got to wrap it up

You got to wrap it up

Send me your presents

Send me your presents

Send me your presents

You got to wrap it up

Wrap it up

Send me your presents


1.5. More than I was

More than you were

I made you more than you were

And then I found out

You were less than I made you to be

It’s not that I had my hopes too high

I wasn’t hoping for anything

I’ve let the days just roll on by

I didn’t think there’d be a change

But somehow it doesn’t seem the same

I’m sure you know it too

I’m sorry that I made me more than I was to you

And then you found out I was less than you made me to be

Well we’re back where we were before

Our ideas only slightly changed

And it’s easier now

Now that days have elapsed

I can say that won’t happen again

I get caught up in the promise

The signals of interpretation spur on my imagination

I make things more than they are

Without even trying

Sorry I was more than I was

And now I’m just nothing


2.1. Mermaids Calling

You took what you wanted from me

And told me I was a fool

I lay there thinking 

Unable to bear it through

I got up abruptly

Figured it was time to start a new day

Nothing was the same after that

Even though we finished out the time

How could I be so stupid

To fall into such a shame(?)

Where the mermaids were calling

And I harkened to the sound

I lost me and fell into you

It was such a sublime intrigue

And the surprises I encountered

Kept going on through the night

But the reality is like a hard rock

Which my head carries aloft(?)

Your words were like hammers

Pounding upon my brain

The hours of my thinking were painful and real

I got up suddenly

I need to wash everything away


2.2. Not to Die

Every day I try

Not to die

It’s so easy

To let go

But everyday

I try not to die

What’s it worth 


How much today(?)

Every day

I try not to die 

Your great love I feel 

I’m alive

Why is it so hard

I don’t know

But what else has a value

I don’t know

So every day 

I try not to die


2.3. Another Vista

You can travel far and wide

You can go all over

See this new place

Look at yonder water

See snow capped mountains

See different buildings

And different people

In the end

It’s another vista

Are they all the same

If you don’t have eyes

It’s another vista

If you stare at the wall

Is it the same

Just another vista

But it’s so beautiful

What does it do for you

Another vista

It can be hot and still

It can be windy and cold

When you keep moving 

To another vista

What’s the driving force

To make you go and seek 

To make you come and go

Is life so easy to not care about

Another vista


2.4. Hello To You

I saw you again

At the bar where I go

You were with a guy

Then with a girl 

I don’t care so much

But it’s interesting

You do look good 

Attractive to me

But then there’s all the rest of life we must live

So hello to you

Nice to see you again


2.5. The Lesson

Having entered the depths and staying much longer and deeper
than I could imagine

And all the years of coming out of there 

I married control

How else to keep from sleeping in the fields and streets

When the shock and despair returns as it does

I watch it and use it and learn from it 

The meaning evolves 

Nikolai Sadik-Ogli
ilfuturiste at hotmail.com

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