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Gary Lundgren lunchpail at mac.com
Wed Oct 27 21:16:53 PDT 2010

Netflix made a direct deal with Corwood.  In order to carry a title, Netflix purchases hundreds to thousands of copies of any given title for their distribution centers.  They buy at a decent price point so I'm guessing the Rep was happy to cut a deal.

In fact, Corwood most likely contacted Netflix in the first place.  For any producer of packaged media, Netflix is not a guaranteed sale.  

Also, people consume media differently with each passing month.  I would not be surprised if Corwood offered a digital catalog in 2011.


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> http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap1.html#109
> According to U.S. copyright law, they don't need permission from any
> rightsholder to sell, or rent, any movie or soundrecording, as long as
> the copy (and any copy) was purchased legally.
> Money was probably exchanged, and I'm laughing in my head picturing
> some high-level Netflix guy writing out an order form and sending it
> to the P.O. box.
> But yea, to answer your question, it's legal for them to rent them as
> long as they bought each copy they are renting, and they don't need
> his approval, or even for him to be aware that they are being rented.
> I also don't think they are entitled to pay him anything unless there
> is an agreement between them pertaining to such.
> On 10/25/10, Alex Koenig <rabid_anti_dentite at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
>> Not sure if anyone can really answer this question, but I've noticed that a
>> few
>> of the Corwooddvd's are actually available on netflix for rent. Any idea how
>> this could have come about? Wouldn't they have to ask permission from
>> Corwood to
>> rent them to people, or wouldn't the rep have had to request they carry a
>> couple
>> of the dvds, then send them out? Was money exchanged? Just something I was
>> wondering, as I can't really imagine either scenario playing out.
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