[Jandek] Silly contribution

Leo Holroyd leoholroyd at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 14 10:35:09 PDT 2010

I got a vision, it's the next Jandek album.

*Bathroom of Eternity* (Corwood #0803).  Rep plays unaccompanied.  Front
cover depicts a toothbrush stuck inside a mannequin's mouth.

1. Shaved My Balls (49 minutes long)
2. That One Lotion Was Missing
3. Busride Chafing
4. I Tried to Push the Door
5. It Was an Automatic Door (this one features a fretless bass with all four
strings removed)
6. Pharmacist Knew My Game
7. Have You Got Anything for Itching, Have You Got Anything At All?
8. If I Hadn't Had That Quarter
9. Bathroom Was Still There
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