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Thu Oct 7 09:38:26 PDT 2010

Maybe I need to reread the Jandek portion of Chusid's book, but I don't
understand why you are all offended by this. Without Chusid, I would have
never heard of Jandek and subsequently I would have never written a term
paper on the artist in college. (I had a very hip American music prof who
had once corresponded with Corwood and who I got to see the rep. with live
in chapel hill!)

Who cares that Irwin isn't a fan of the music? Does that make him any less
important to the dissemination of Jandek? No, absolutely not. WFMU is an
important radio station for fans and artists of independent and
non-mainstream artists, a la Jandek, so any support of them should be
praised. While these CDs have little value to Chusid, he recognizes they are
valuable to others. Chusid is forever tied to Jandek, whether you like it or
not. And this collection is a piece of Corwood history, probably even more
so due to their falling out.

I think what you're all losing sight of is that he could have just as easily
thrown all of this into the garbage. It's absurd that people are peeved
about his lack of sentimentality about these things, ESPECIALLY when it
comes to an artist as polarizing as Jandek. Jandek records are
either cherished or trashed; listeners of Jandek are not ambivalent.

So, for Churid to recognize their value to this community -- and to benefit
a good cause (a point which is almost irrelevant in this context) -- he
should be commended. When cleaning out a basement it's much simpler to put
things at the curb than it is to put them online for others to benefit,
value, and enjoy.


On Thu, Oct 7, 2010 at 10:47 AM, Jesus Knievel <knievelperu at hotmail.com>wrote:

> I think the answer to all your questions is that Chusid is kind of an
> asshole.
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> On 2010-10-07, at 4:56 AM, Ross Morris <rossmorris1 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> In my humble opinion I think this shows a staggering disrespect for the
> man.  Corwood sends Chusid 52 CDs and he happily admits in public that he
> couldn't even be bothered listening to them or even opening them?  In
> postage alone that's going to be a small fortune.  It all adds up.
> Why not just tell the guy you're not really interested anymore?  Or even
> better - why not send them back to him rather than selling them online?
> I realise and appreciate that a bit of Jandek's fame comes from his book's
> (very) questionable portrayal of him, but I find it distasteful that someone
> else's effort could be exploited in this way, regardless of how good a cause
> this is for.
> Ross
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