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Finally have some minutes to share about my experience. This has been my third experience of a Jandek concert after Toronto and Montréal, and it was as different as the previous ones from each other. Having travelled from Montréal and Toronto (?) to attend incredible Swans shows, I was really exhausted, but this intriguing event kept me alive and mostly concentrated. As others said, it was one of the few instrumental concerts, very meditative, in a sort of academic environment that suited the meticulous and minimal piece. Accompanied by the two music teachers, the Representative played prepared piano with his fingers and some tools, in a slow building movement unlike everything I've heard from him, with more variations than Helsinki for example. The friend who was accompanying me believed that the percussionist standing in the middle took too much importance, but I didn't shared that view. As she never saw Jandek perform, I can understand she was a bit frustrated not to hear him sing upfront though, but I was prepared to appreciate one more way to disappear in front of us. In fact, I think my fascination for Jandek comes from that, how to be away by being there, disappearing through appearing in a resistance against the image of the self, but inside an ambiguous image. Instantly after the piece, the Representative walked rapidly through the class, leaving us with our doubts about what exactly happened.

Thanks to the organisers and performers for this experience, that was recorded both audio and video.

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  Thank you to Jandek, Nicole Marchesseau and Jesse Stewart for one of the most beautiful and unforgettable music experiences of my entire life. I can't put it all into words.
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