[Jandek] KDVS performance

Brandon May scratchbomber at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 24 03:20:33 PST 2010

I had the same experience with the KDVS recording.  Every now and then I would make out a few words but the vocals are barely audible.  I only listened to the 32 kpbs, my internet wouldn't connect to the 192 kpbs. Maybe the 192 kpbs is better?  The guitar playing was excellent.  Maybe it was meant to be like that, instrumental guitar with barely audible vocals.  It didn't bother me after awhile.  I wish it was downloadable anyway and hope it doesn't disappear forever.
I thought it was funny that there is a disclaimer warning that the following show could be offensive before they played the recording.   		 	   		  
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