[Jandek] Canticle of Castaway lyrics

Brendan Stewart brendankifostewart at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 05:07:40 PST 2010

I was able to scrape out the first songs lyrics, still playing with the  
others to understand them through the skipping (The cd's all seem to have  
some sort of flaw or error causing them to act very strangely). Anyways,  
here's what I gathered for Track 1 "Don't Go Out". Spacing and arrangement  
has no particular meaning to it, a line with (?) is one I'm unsure about  
and one with * is maybe a spelling error. The times are marked in no  
particular way either, just to help keep track. {} means a comment.

  Don't Go Out

Don't go out dont go out
Its only flowers and trees
people and machines
buildings and despair
the ground level connundrum
helpless and fragile
interspursed with a long stare
the thing to see (?)
just a passing montage
Why look

I suppose because
the movement encounters
moving things to avoid
don't want to be necrotic
out there


The gun fight of walbls (no clue ? )
great protectors from the void
of passed out degree
objectives being created
I don't want to expand


Nothing nothing please
just be
stop the thinking
stimulate no more
a flat pulse


someone pay the bills
I wanna go lay down
stop the morbid life
Give me the god feeling
float me on air


crystanthimums in the crevace *
deadbolt shut secure
I dont care who's out there
I dont want to know
generations stream like waves
Tortured sines (?)
it moves and I hit it
unconscious and brave *
what could hurt me now
when you give up
the world takes you down

the opposite of giving up
the conquest of all desire
once and for all time
I cast my spell on the universe
go away
Cant see you I dont care


The only way to not go down
I'm sorry but I can't
I can't
get up and move

there is nothing in the black light
its not what it seems
the canticle of castaway
no movement herein
it simply got away
im crying all the way to the sun
take me
take me


its just past the next ridge
but you dont have to go
crossing countless canyons

17:57) {starts some weird guitar solo thing here, pretty weird}

just tell them
tell them
the birds have been shot
laying in the field
I shot all the birds
if you move you're dead
lie down
look at the cieling
for a week


I got to be a better man
movement is the antithesis of life
there is no life
all the birds are lifeless on the ground
the greatest tools of life
dont exist

get everything away
it's not interesting anymore
drag down the day
sink the mountian in the lake (?)
adventure is upside down
hanging out of the red window
all character lost
closing the closeted clamor *

sea of sinking ships
endless ears and eyes
anticipating blank silence
curse of the dreaming die-er *
blasting through the still air
hark him the savior of the cold (?)
crass bedevilled carnage


Of a broken life
vanished far away
 from everything that is
I take me hence

{The guitar work after this is absolutely ecstatic compared to the other  
more recent acoustic studio stuff}

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