[Jandek] Impressions of Davis Friday

Nikolai Sadikogli ilfuturiste at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 16 11:39:42 PST 2010

The venue was pleasant and conservative, lit with the same dramatic
reddish-blue lighting that was used in the San Francisco show in 2008. The instruments
included a minimized drum kit and various percussion, several guitars, a banjo,
upright bass, and the Representative’s dual keyboards.


There seemed to be 2 cameras filming, one in front of the
stage and another by the soundboard in the rear.


The concert was reminiscent of the suites that have been
released, with an instrumental prelude and postlude. Again read from a
notebook, the lyrics were relatively sparse, and included references to some of
the usual sentiments: “now you’re gone, all gone.” One interesting line: “I
shake my head at no and say yes.” The delivery included a mixture of singing
and spoken recitation.


The Representative also used a variety of keyboard sounds
for the different pieces, including swooping electronic drones, regular piano, something
reminiscent of a gamelan, and even some repetitive rhythmic loops. The back-up
players kept it interesting with occasional jazzy bass picking, bowed banjo,
and the varied percussion. 


The overall mood was relaxed, with a stretched out feel. It
was very atmospheric and conducive to closing the eyes (a sentiment echoed by other
audience members). However, there was also intentional piercing feedback and
overpowering bass drones on occasion. 


I’m looking forward to the radio broadcast on Thursday. In
case this wasn’t posted yet, here is a stream of the 2009 WNYU show:

 Nikolai Sadik-Ogli
ilfuturiste at hotmail.com

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