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Hey cool, I hadn't noticed that! That's on the disc itself, as opposed to
the back cover. As meticulous as Corwood is about numbers, I assume that's a
gaffe, probably from having set up the artwork on one of the previous CD's
(note that "What Was Out There Disappeared" and "Camber Sands" begin the
right side of the label on track #5. Being a 2 disc set, "Bristol" has a
different numbering scheme) and then (like all of us) just writing over that
program for the new disc, but forgetting to change the number. Ah,


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> Just received 0802 Canticle of Castaway. Like other people have said,
> picture on the front is a close up of the Rep (maybe in his late 20's
> early 30's? I'm bad at guessing ages) smiling (open mouth smiling at
> that!). Whether or not it's been stated before:
> 1. Don't Go Out (29:05)
> 2. You Weren't (6:51)
> 3. Boys Like Blue (17:09)
> The disc has a typo, showing:
> 5. Boys Like Blue (17:09)
> Whether that's actually a typo or some kind of hidden message or little
> joke isn't clear to me, but it's still amusing. Lyrics and impressions to
> come once I get a few good listens.
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