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I also think a lot of the bass albums, especially the shadow of leaves are over looked thats one of my favorite albums of newer sound of Jandek. I think nine thirty is one of the best old acoustic albums by far, i can get lost in it as I did with six and six. Don't get me wrong cellophane and Moon are great records, their just so similar in sound and even the cover, and I like the sparse distant  sound of both, I just think moon has more aggression to it, and cellphane is more, sedated sounding. It's hard for me to pick my favorite Jandek albums because their also good but if I had to pick my favorites at least right now it would be(in no special order):

Six and six
Chair beside a window
The Beginning
Shadow of leaves
The Myth of Blue Icicles 
Glasgow sunday
One foot in the north
Modern Dances
Blue Corpse
The humility of pain
Telegraph Melts
Intersteller Discussion
Glad to get away
Graven Image

I am also expecting the 2 latest studio releases to be arriving any day soon,
pretty excited to hear those. What does anyone think of those the canticle of cast away and what was out there disappeared ?


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