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Excellent! Sounds great. Though I'm not sure I want to imagine Sterling as

On Sat, May 1, 2010 at 7:03 AM, Brandon May <scratchbomber at hotmail.com>wrote:

>  I thought I'd let people know about the Portland, OR show with Thurston
> Moore since nobody's put anything up about it yet.  They played at the
> Hollywood Theatre, an old movie theatre in east Portland.  It was sold out
> and lasted around 80-90 minutes.  The guy who introduced the show(I think he
> was the owner of Jackpot records) stated that they were filming this show,
> so more than likely it will end up on dvd.  Some moron decided to leave
> during the middle of the show through a side exit and let all this sunlight
> in the room and might have screwed up some of the filming though.  There was
> NO backing band, just Jandek on electric guitar and Thurston Moore on
> electric guitar.  There was also NO singing either, JUST electric guitars.
>  I was actually hoping there would be a drummer and Jandek singing, but it
> was mostly Jandek playing the main part of the song/piece with Thurston
> playing abstract, avant garde effects/riffs with Jandek's playing.  They
> played 3 pieces, the 1st 2 were really loud, chaotic, and dare I say
> psychedelic and the last piece was really somber and ambient, it was
> beautiful.  It seemed like the 1st 2 pieces lasted around a half hour each
> while the last song was maybe 15 to 20 minutes long.  Jandek and Thurston
> stood and walked around the stage here and there for the 1st 2 pieces.  Then
> Jandek decided to get comfortable or got tired of standing and sat down
> (indian style!) on stage to play the last piece while Thurston sat on a
> barstool and played his guitar with a bow.  Jandek kinda seemed in his own
> world, neither he nor Thurston said anything to the crowd(as expected).
>  Thurston did lean over to Jandek after the last piece and say something to
> him, like a scene from the end of the movie Lost In Translation, where Bill
> Murray whispered something into Scarlet Johansson's ear.  The music made me
> feel like I was on a bad acid trip mixed with the wrath of God.  But by the
> 3rd piece, all was right again, you were in heaven.  It was REAL WILD!
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