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Okay, I usually stay out of these things (and thanks to the original person
who posted this, btw. I so seldom see press on Jandek shows anymore, yet I
know it's there) but needed to comment here.

Jandek has never been "outed." The truth is, he's never hidden any
information - he's never denied his name, address, job (though why these
latter two keep coming up is beyond me. Respect the artist and give the MAN
his privacy), or anything else for that matter. What he tends to say is, "I
don't see why that matters," or "I'd rather not say." The name, of course,
was "outed" WAAAY back in the first ever OP review of "Ready for the House!"
The man sold a whole of two albums before his name was revealed to a world
that could care less.

And yet the legend the supposed anonymity provokes is quite obviously
important to why we're all here, but I concur that it is more relevant to
the MUSIC that legend provoked than the facts about the man. Notice that
attempts by papers like this to goad "Jandek" into firing back never work. I
don't think he cares, as shown by the recent "conversation" posted where he
basically says, when recognized, that he figures that will happen now and
then. It's a shame that journalists like the author of this article don't
dodge the "anonymity legend" (which, I maintain, is mostly a fiction) and
actually listen to the diversity of those 63 albums.

As ever, just thoughts.
On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 9:15 AM, matt love <mattlove1 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Oh, pardon me for not knowing that his name being Sterling Smith was a
>  secret until the recent past.
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