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brendan stewart brendankifostewart at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 13:54:43 PDT 2010

I think there has been some discussion about Jandek possibly using the
same tapes for different recordings, I'm not sure exactly what
recordings, I'd have to go digging, but people have brought stuff like
this up before...


Okay, here's one that can point you maybe in the right direction, if
you have the time to go digging through the archives (Lord knows I
don't), http://mylist.net/htdig/jandek/2004-January/000045.html

Quick quote from it:

"...the only bit I could make out was from Harmonica - at one point
you can hear the lines "I laugh to myself / It's all on the shelf" from The
Way That You Act (from You Walk Alone). This seems to indicate that Blue
Corpse and You Walk Alone were recorded on the same reel of tape..."

If you do dig up anything, let us know!

On 3/17/10, Henry Holmes <holmes.hp at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi people. Today I am listening to Blue Corpse on my new monitor speakers
> and for the first time I am noticing loads of voices and singing in the
> background of each song. Has anyone else heard this? Cant make out properly
> but its there. Interesting, like perhaps the vocals were done over the top
> at a separate time contrary to how I've always assumed its been done in one
> go together.
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