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I also like Manhattan Tuesday very much.  I think it's dangerous and a little misguided to confuse the artist with the art.  Just because he, (or anyone else), sings about what might appear to be a personal issue doesn't mean that it is.  I don't know the Rep and thus have no idea what kind of issues he faces, if any.  Just because his work sometimes sounds confessional doesn't mean that it is.

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Hi, I'm new to the list. I've been listening to Jandek since November. I've been aware of him since 2005 but never got around to listening to anything til then.
I've heard: Ready for the House, Blue Corpse, Glasgow Sunday, Rocks Crumble, and Manhattan Tuesday and scattered songs around the internet.
Manhattan Tuesday is my new favorite. I have the DVD and want to get the straight audio soon. The whole piece seems summarized by these lyrics for me:  "But it’s a swamp I’m stuck in 
And the boggy crevices and the steep banks 

And all the difficult terrain." This lyric kind of matches with the cover image. The music on this document is so scary and center-of-the-brain and subconscious that it actually scared me the first time I heard it (the first Jandek record to do so). His keyboard playing is genius in my opinion and keeps the nailbiting factor going when the effected guitar waves get too gentle. The lyrics seem to revolve around the nucleus of that previously mentioned lyrics and get frustratingly contradictory (not frustrating to listen to but a kind of vicarious frustration I empathize through the musician). I hope he resolved some of the issues he details in this session. What are your thoughts?

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