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I'm with Danen and Mr. Graf here - I don't think anyone here will really cast a stone at you for downloading the man's work in the past - hell I don't think Mr. J would even care himself - since the miracle of illegal filesharing has been what brought Jandek into so many lives initially. My outlook on this, as an independent musician/label that operates out of an office/studio at home, and as someone who (like Corwood) doesn't rely on spamming internet outlets, videos or other publicity to sell records/make money/get by, goes something like: If you're curious about any new music, and you're smart enough to download it without getting caught, go for it. A free taste never hurt anyone. However, if you are really connecting with said music, in any way, and are presented with a viable option to compensate the artist HIMSELF for it (which these days can be impossible with the cuts digital retailers and third-party labels/companies take), why the hell not buy
 some of it? He's clearly aware of how bulky his catalog is, which is why I think he's instituted the free shipping rule as well as the discounts, so in my opinion, it's never been easier to directly support an artist I love, which sounds ironic considering how "disconnected" Corwood is. 

In short, I think filesharing is a glorious opportunity for n00bs to experience Jandek for the first time with no risk whatsoever, but anyone who really thinks downloading music is a viable substitute for the real thing is horribly kidding themselves. Don't worry, original poster, I know that isn't what you said! 

Besides, if you're an audiophile obsessive like me and you want something infinitely cooler than some CDs, jump on Ebay and start tracking down some of that Corwood vinyl! I've spent a load of cash obtaining just 6 of the original LPs, and my bandmate actually obtained ALL of them (in the end it cost him something like $1500), but in terms of appreciating Jandek they are like NOTHING else.


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