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To bad I can not read russian. Anyway The rep sent me a full list of this whole years planned tour dates none of which are even remotely close for me to get to. 
Does anyone else have a problem with calling jandeks music 'outsider'. I think its a silly gimmick made up by hipsters and snobish types. Call me a dick, but would you call Lamonte young, or sonic youth when confusion is sex came out outsider? That is so 'outside' about it. Even in the begining he just put out  his albums, and that was that. His approach is avant garde ...but I don't see whats so outsider about, someone who clearly works a 9-5 job, and lives in a (from what I can tell in the pics especially skirting the edge) lives in a nice house and has good taste for decorating. Daniel Johnston I can accept the 'outsider' tag given to him, considering hes batshit crazy, and can't play guitar becauses hes just got mental problems (I will not deny hes written some amazing songs).  I just think that 'outsider' tag is silly. I think the rep is a regular dude who makes the art he makes because its his vision, and nothing more, and he likes his personal
 life and art to be separated. 
Sorry for the rant I guess the word 'outsider' was the only thing I coudl read in english and got me thinking.
- Justin

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