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Mon Feb 8 23:10:19 PST 2010

Hi all. I first read about Jandek in Richie Unterberger's Unknown Legends book years ago, then again in Chusid's book. Soon after I found Seth's site, and was surprised not long after that to hear of the first live shows. Still, I never really felt the impulse to dig into the actual music. It was only recently, when I downloaded a few albums, that I discovered how unique, fascinating, and strangely enjoyable Jandek's music can be. 
So, about a week and a half ago, after sampling a couple dozen albums, I took the plunge and sent my check to Corwood. This afternoon, it arrived--my big box of all 62 albums! I've haven't even had a chance to listen to the discs yet--I've been too busy removing the plastic wrappings. The actual cd covers look even better than the scans online; musically, he'll always be an acquired taste, but I see no reason why the Rep couldn't have found mainstream success as a graphic designer. Nearly every one of his cds is blessed with a striking cover image. 
Well, I think I'm about ready to dig in. I've gotta thank Corwood for their prompt and efficient service. Looking at all the these cds, I think i may have lost my mind--but it's gonna be a fun kinda crazy!

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