[Jandek] Re: buying Jandek

Henry Holmes holmes.hp at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 09:11:19 PST 2010

Cool, thanks for the help guys. I did think about buying from the J man himself (or J-dog as I like to call him sometimes) but I really don't want to buy in bulk and just buying one would be silly.  Maybe I will buy like 3 or 4 off him (plus it would be cool to have had some kind of correspondence from him)
I really like buying them up singly and at random and taking my time with each one rather than getting 20 at once. It would seem less fun to me. I've got about 12 so far -maybe one day i will have them all! Really looking forward to hearing the live ones, been reading all the cool reviews floating about. 
Will also try Volcanic Tongue. 
Thanks for the suggestions folks!


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