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Here's what the article says...

"Dressed in black and sitting in the corner of the stage with a large hat to cover 
his features. But for the spotlight to illuminate it, tell it appears that the voice 
that echoed through the auditorium of the Teatro Maria Matos started from a 
disembodied presence. In fact, Jandek (aka Sterling Richard Smith, or 
"representative of Corwood Industries") has built a long recording career from 
the total clearance of the artist in music, deliberately avoiding any kind of media 
It is not known, even, his baptismal name and by 2004 her physical appearance 
was unknown, although it is speculated that the man pictured on the album 
covers was himself Jandek. 
On Saturday, Jandek has brought to the Teatro Maria Matos in Lisbon, the 
deconstruction of the country and blues that earned him cult during the last 30 
years. Accompanying him on stage were pianist Andrew Abel, the Aquapark, 
trumpeter and composer and saxophonist Miguel I Peter Baastien, iconic figure 
in European free jazz. This alignment more jazz-oriented seems to be the usual 
since 2004, when Jandek gave a concert in anonymous Instal Festival in 
Glasgow, Scotland, and give a more urban sound than you would expect to hear 
their records, which are almost 60 . 
No Maria Matos, the theatrical dimension of music became more evident. The 
persona of Jandek as a composer here gets an additional relief, acquires a 
greater reality than that which the photographs that adorn the cover of their 
album gives. The musicians who accompanied him gave still more structure to 
the interpretations, emphasizing the tone and texture to the sound of fractured 
rhythms that are hallmarks of the musician from Texas, with saxophone and 
trumpet interjections to exchange on the basis of the rhythmic notes hammer 
on bass and piano. 
One would also designate it by avant-garde, for not settling for any kind of 
artistic canons, or by a primitive with one foot in traditional American 
mythology, but the truth is that here there is nothing except the music"

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