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Thu Dec 9 21:23:06 PST 2010

Yes it is true... I did appear on Conan.  I posted a video about how their intro graphics were messed up, during the graphicfor the house band, the bass clef was in the wrong place for the first four weeks of the show.  I told Conan I was a bass player and that it would be cool if he fixed it.  I had no idea that it would be shown on the air... and I had no idea that the following dayswould be nothing but hell.  Threatening emails, people ripping into my and threatening my family on blogs, Yahoo.comasked me if they could post something else of mine, I said no, then someone else from Yahoo went ahead and did it anyway.I have had mostly bad responses... "get a life" "you are just a Fa*&^t who wants attention" etc.... you get the idea.It has been nothing but hell.
In response... the cds on my rack are Jandek cds, but the top row and part of the second row down are my 68 solo albumsas well, I try to save ink and just do black and white bindings, save the color for the back tray and the booklet.  This mailing list is the only place on the internet besides my friends on facebook that have been supportive.  It feels good to see that people recognized me for something that I am, a HUGE JANDEK FAN! 
Hopefully soon, I will have the cash together to finally put out that Corwood approved Jandek Tribute album that was finished in2008.  If anyone has any idea on away I can get it printed and duplicated that isn't discmakers.com or diskfactory, I would be willing to put you in on a cut of the money made from the sales.
THANKS EVERYONE! 		 	   		  
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