[Jandek] Jandek Beastie mash-up

Ludo Maas moderndances at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 11:40:44 PDT 2010

thanks again for pointing us to this. the Beasties actually "help" (and
understand) listening to Jandek's ramblings, which i found nearly impossible
on these solo voice cd's. And he does have interesting things to say!

"these memories that keep me going"

it reminds me a little of Jon Spencer's rambling on the new Solex album (of
Matador fame, but now on Bronzerat) also highly recommended. (and very
similar also musicwise actually) it's called Amsterdam Showdown King Street


p.s. on the other hand i must admit that if i did this mash-up i'd put the
music just a little louder, i think it could blend even better that way BUT
of course Jandek might be hard to decipher, hidden behind his cheap
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