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Here are the lyrics for the new album, Canticle Of Castaway.  If I made any
errors, feel free to point out/correct them.


*1. Don’t Go Out*

Don’t go out, don’t go out

It’s only flowers and trees

People and machines

Buildings and despair

The ground-level conundrum

Helpless and fragile

Interspersed with a long stare

Nothing to see

Just a passing montage

Why look?

I suppose because the movement encounters

Moving things to avoid

Don’t want to be necrotic

Unbalanced, falling

Out there

The confine of walls

Great protectors from the void

Of cast out debris

Objectives being created

I don’t want to expand

Nothing, nothing, please

Just be

Stop the thinking

Stimulate no more

A flat pulse


Someone pay the bills

I wanna go lay down

Stop the morbid life

Give me the god (God?) feeling

Float me on air

Chrysanthemums in the crevice

Dead-bolt shut, secure

I don’t who’s out there

I don’t want to know

Generations stream like waves

Tortured sine (sign, signs?)

It moves and hit it

Unconscious and brave

What could hurt me now?

When you give up

The world takes you down

So… the opposite of giving up

The conquest of all desire

Once and for all time

I cast my spell on the universe

Go away

Can’t see you, I don’t care

The only way to not go down

I’m sorry, but I can’t,

I can’t get up and move

Glorious nothing in the black light

It’s not what it seems

The canticle of castaway

No movement herein

It simply got away

I’m crying all the way to the sun

“Take me!  Take me!”

It’s just past the next ridge

But you don’t have to go

Crossing countless canyons

Just tell them, tell them

The birds have been shot

Laying in the field

I shot all the birds

If you move, you’re dead

Lie down, look at the ceiling for a week

I’ve got to be a better man

Movement is the antithesis of life

There is no life

All the birds are lifeless on the ground

The greatest tools of life don’t exist

Get everything away

It’s not interesting anymore

Drag down the day

Sink the mountain in the lake

Adventure is upside down

Hanging out of the red window

All character lost

Closing the closeted clamor

Sea of sinking ships

Aimless ears and eyes

Anticipating blank silence

Curse of the dreaming dire

Lasting through the still air

Hearken the Savior, the cold

Crass bedeviled carnage

Of a broken life

Banished far away

>From everything that is

I take me hence

*2. You Weren’t*

You really weren’t, I just made it up

You weren’t there

Time went marching on

You wandered away

Just like you appeared

You’re here, you’re gone

You weren’t

What did I think that you were?

How foolish to let a dream manifest

It didn’t, you weren’t

So now where am I?

I wasn’t, am not

Just a picture,

More a sad and crazy mentality

That’s the real part

The truth is you weren’t

So glad to get away

>From somewhere I wasn’t

Even now I’m not

No one’s home

Sorry to keep you famous

Water for your body

The great body never was

The garden you grew in

The other side of the real

Existence that I never knew

*3. Boys Like Blue*

Boys like blue

Somehow they always do

They’re sitting in light gray and black and blue

The countrymen like green and brown and red

Tones of the earth

Boys like girls, like pink dress splayed out from the waist

White anklets

How can it be?

This divorce from the city

Yellow and auburn

Mauve the city papered walls

Green suede, the drawing room table

Blue suit, black shoes

She was so beautiful all the day

Angular their movements

Silver buckled gold

Held their secrets untold

The black-knit silk clung the body

Cool at the white marble bar

He remembered little

Except what spots the paper

The blue dreams and red schemes

That orange automobile

Lost in the flow of the years

That delicious burgundy

Rich and full to the eye

The creamy white-yellow

The metallic blue sparkle

Rare Brazil granite

The gray-black sides of mountain

Still with hardwoods growing

She springs about in the breeze

The dogs excited

Angel in the whited-red (?)

The sanctuary parable

Sacral gaze, still heart

Cessation of process

Blue dragons on white porcelain

Blue-bound books, gold letters

Gold square clocks

Violet glasses

Brown hair, black hair

Red hair, yellow hair

Red blood in the war of axes

Men like silver and gray

Boys like blue, somehow they always do

Multicolored money, copper coins

Tools of the trade

Pilgrim black in the morning

Fields of tulips

Chalk-white cliffs

Bright green meadows

Diamond dew

What colors in a diamond, she always knew

Deep colors of luscious fruits

Blue, black, lime-green

Food was brown, then there was the market

Blue dragons on white porcelain

Blue-bound books, gold letters

Gunmetal gray, black void

Her eyes eternal, drawing in forever

Loving lost the penetration

All the colors disappeared

He resigned to black and white

Colors of the deepest night

No matter, better that way

Better the vicious fray

Dangling orbits all around

Waiting to be found

Boys like blue

Somehow they always do
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