[Jandek] More details on Canticle of Castaway

jbswafford21 at tntech.edu jbswafford21 at tntech.edu
Tue Apr 20 19:31:29 PDT 2010

After a couple of spins, the new album fits perfectly with the last few studio 
albums sonically and lyrically...  first song "Don't Go Out" is 29 minutes and gets 
pretty intense around the 17 minute mark as the guitar starts getting 
thrashed... vocals sound a murky when compared to the last couple of releases 
especially win the line of "You move and you're dead..." vocals kinda bottom out 
or clips or something... second song "You Weren't" shortest song on the album 
clocking in at 6'56'' highlight of the album for me...most upbeat song on the 
album musically and with the phrasing of the lyrics...Ithe last one "Boys Like 
Blue" mentions different types of personalities and what colors represent 
them..."City men like grey, black and blue... Countrymen like green, brown and 
red, tones of the earth...I like the theory someone posted on here about the last 
few studio albums being a "series of dream albums"... this one continues that 
feel as the lyrics make references to dreams and have a distorted descriptive 
feel to them kinda like a dream... two thumbs up... like I said, cover is a B & W 
head shot of the Rep... looks like the background has been possibly whited 
out... kinda reminds me of The Living End sorta except he's much older and 

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