[Jandek] a question about a previous email

Alex Nordle everythingsrestless at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 09:52:39 PDT 2010

Hi, I sent to you a response to jesus knievel's response to my
Manhattan Tuesday post on the mail list. It hasn't been added to the
maillist archives yet. I'm just emailing to see if you either forgot
to add it or if my email didn't get to you. I copy and pasted it here
just in case it didn't get to you.

In response to jesusknievel:
How is it dangerous? You believe it's actually dangerous to me
physically, or psychologically? Are you saying it's indicative of a
dangerous thought-process? How am I misguided? What guide should I be
I feel pretty certain that there will be no effect on me good or bad
if I develop my own interpretation of Jandek's music and how it may
relate to the project or Sterling Smith. To "confuse" the artist with
the art seems prefectly reasonable since we don't have confirmation
from Corwood on how close the subject matter is to the artist.
Actually we do have a small amount of information that at least 1 of
the songs is about something that happened to the artist. We know that
the subject matter in "I Knew You Would Leave" is taken from something
in the artists life, as he confirms this in the John Trubee interview.
Regardless, I don't believe it's dangerous to posit theories on any
kind of art.

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