[Jandek] Box of 20 for sale!

::cassettophone:: cassettophone at yahoo.ca
Tue Sep 29 05:32:08 PDT 2009

Sorry to spam this list, but who else might be interested in a Jandek box-of-20 than Jandek fans?

So, money is tight, debts are high, and I have to get rid of alot of stuff, so here we go: I have this box of 20 Jandek CDs, like new, in original Corwood box. It's basically the 22 first albums, minus "Ready" and "Blue Corpse" (I'm keeping those). You know the price of a box of 20, now make an interesting offer! 

Thanks for your support! (And Seth, if you feel this post is inapropriate, please let me know and don't post it to the list! Thanks!)

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