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Just got done transcribing these.  Couldn't figure out a few lines.  Correct
if needed.


*Going To Edinburgh*

* *

I’m going to Edinburgh

If not with you

Then by myself

I can come back here

Live in a nice place

The diamond view on Pine Park

I gather my senses

I’ll take the cold and the snow

That’s not what they want (?)

This was a holiday

And it’s to work now


I’m working with God

It’s this case you couldn’t understand

Lord, I’ve got your strength

To live with a woman

The one you sent to help me

Be my guide and love me, too

I’m thankful for the story

You’re telling me through

And she’s the better part of me

*Girls Wore Gowns*

* *

Stiff starched white shirt

Black bow tie

Black tails and a kilt

Girls wore gowns

Fur jackets

No matter the ice and snow

New Year’s Eve

The Edinburgh Castle

Spires piercing skies

Wind whipping the passageways

The red-cheeked white-faced crowd

Kippers for breakfast

One last look

The road to York

Through the Highlands

*Will There Be No More Photos*

The consummation of your essence

And you’re there again

Waiting to be consumed

Over and over

The powerful body zones

Taken to the lips to disappear

And then return

Will there be no more photos

To place on the credenza

How could I erase the past

If it’s the only way to stay

The excited panic eyes

The reassuring notes

The afterthought reticence

Was the soul out too far

The future to be composed

The life to impose

Therefore to lose me

She wanted to be told

???? loves the day

Where she could always stay

Once come the parting never goes

The mountain climbed she ever knows

But I must trek forevermore

For the waters and the shore

To spot the footprints that she left

Walking through the days with me

The gleaming dreaming mannequin

Obsession paper replica

Garnish for the great commune

She presented from her tomb

Locked in markings that she left

Filtered through the time bereft

Gallantly the sands of time

Swept about transported days

And the thoughts did come and go

Unless she moved about too fast

With new adventures

Swimming in the sea so blue

And quantified they took light steps

So not to stir the sleeping

Glory of the coming feast

Of which they knew the very least

*Your Eyes*

Sorry, I didn’t mean to crowd you

Didn’t mean to exist

You’ve got your eyes

Full of me

And didn’t slip away

You thought you could lose me

You’ve got me in your eyes

And when they read this thing to you

You’re eyes say stop to moving around

What was out there disappeared

And the lens was natural

There’s nobody there now

You might like it that way

It’s a lake district

There’s a stream going through

And walking paths on the map

It comes off a highway

That’s got no roads except the ones I built

Sorry, I didn’t mean to crowd you

Didn’t mean to exist

*Broken Leaves*

* *

I’m free, I’m free at last

I stand aghast

I scream to gods of light

Illuminate me

I bring god to you

Give me god in return

If you’re a woman

Take me home

If you’re a man

Take my hand

Or put it in front of you

Or just pass by

I drink to the mountain

I start to ascend

The leaves that were broken

Wafted down in the breeze

I put my gaze on you

There’s nothing else around

The leaves that were broken

*Jumping Off*

Did you ever think of jumping off

With next to nothing

Don’t know where you are

That’s where I come from

I’m breaking at my knees

Walking up and down stairs

I guess I need my muscles

Strong and hard

It helps circulation

Maybe I’ll feel alive

I’ve got a twist in my twinkle

Rubbing bones in the yoga

The ancient training ground

School I went

The spark of life

Is what I know about

I jumped at the chance

Didn’t know where I’d be

The water in my eyes

Is bringing you to life

*Painstakingly Critical*

* *

I’m painstakingly critical

Not just of the world outside

I criticize myself

And do damage unto me

But I balance it off

With the opposite in spades

I dug ditches in the summer

Laying pipe in the ground

I shoveled plastic pellets

Into extrusion machines

They made plastic bottles

For water and milk

And other things too
It was a plastic bottle factory

I shoveled the pellets

Into extrusion machines

I’m painstakingly critical

Not just of the world outside

I criticize myself

And do undo me

*Lucky Cat*

Come on and get your attitude up

Let’s go for a ride

I don’t have no gravity

I’m just flying around

I thought I’d land here

Eat some sand, be fortified

The silicon quartz

My electricity going around

And I’m dancing to you

Hope you can see me in the night

Where your vision stretched

And here I am

I’m a lucky cat

I just ate a rat

I’m a lucky cat

I just ate a rat

I hope I find another one tomorrow

I’ll be satisfied

If I eat all the rats

You’ll be happy too
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