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Fri Oct 2 11:01:47 PDT 2009


I'm fairly new to the mailing list and as such this is my first post.
Anyway, the reason I write is that today I dug out my One Foot in the North
LP for the first time in ages for a listen and had forgotten the asian font
used on the back cover. I remember this used to always puzzle me, what the
reason for this was. So, I decided to look up the discog page so see if
there was any reason given and upon scrolling down the page I noticed for
the first time Richie Unterberger's *OPtion* review of Nine-Thirty, in which
he states:

  “...with that trademark out-of-tune guitar that owes equal debts to Texas
blues and the background music you hear in a lot of Asian restaurants...”

So, I was wondering, have any of you ever considered the back cover of One
Foot in the North to perhaps be a response to this? I'm not sure if it's
ever been suggested on here (it probably has) but I haven't had the time to
trawl through all of the archives so I just thought I'd throw the idea out

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