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I have to start by saying that at one point in my life, in the very INFANT stages of my listening to the music of Jandek, I felt like it was important to crush the mystery, invade the privacy and it ended in me basically having to leave the site (Self-imposed).  I upset a lot of people including Seth and it wasn't cool.
I have since come in contact with the Rep, due to his approval of my Jandek tribute album, and in getting to know him a little (like some of us have gotten the opportunity to).  I now am on the other side of the fence, and honestly should have been there from the beginning.
It is INCREDIBLY WRONG to do what you have done Mr. Brodsky, it is insensitive, and down right unintelligent.  It doesn't matter that the information is out there and easy to gather.  It is about being respectful and courteous.  
One thing I do know is that he would be quite upset.  The last thing we need for him to do, is to pull farther back into himself.  Many of us have waited FOREVER for him to feel comfortable enough to play live, and now finally to chat with people outside of gigs.  It is people like you (and like I used to be) that could put an end to this musical career that is so PROFOUND, GORGEOUS and UNMATCHED.
I think you should take your blogs down sir.... seriously.DISGUSTING! 		 	   		  
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