[Jandek] 'Amazing article'

Gavin at Arkhonia gavin at arkhonia.co.uk
Wed Nov 18 01:23:33 PST 2009

Or rather 'amazing recall' - this is a pretty accurate recounting of a 
'unscheduled' chat in a bar, accompanied by a (presumed) hidden camera snapshot, 
and reads to me more like a transcription of a recording than a recounting after 
the fact. If, according to the author's comments, it was posted 'to show my 
respect for one of the most fearless songwriters out there, it would be selfish 
to keep it to myself when so many songwriters can benefit from what he has to 
say', why not just cite the lessons learned (which is actually pretty simple 
stuff - this guy needs to listen a little more broadly if he needs Jandek to 
tell him that 'there are no rules'), rather than the conversation itself?

Everybody is entitled to the privacy of a quiet drink, whether they are a 
representative of Corwood Industries or my next door neighbour - and isn't 
anything said across the bar to a barman supposed to be in confidence?

Is it just me that is uncomfortable with this?


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