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Hey there, Emil. In regards to the nature of my blog, it's gonzo record reviewage, plain and simple:
The long answer would be that I'm a writer by hobby with a certain affinity for and emulation of the style of similar, more famous writers of the past and some more contemporary examples of irreverent record reviewers such as Lester Bangs and Mark Prindle, the latter of whose influence is sometimes so apparent that I almost feel like asking him to sue me for treading in his mind. In terms of posting the (very public) information, by treating any cow more sacred than another, we lose the freedom to communicate. 
The short answer would be that I'm an insensitive dick. 
The address is available for all to see and me posting it on my blog of which you and I make up the sole readership (thanks for the hits, by the way) will not inspire any sort of pilgrimages to mecca.
If you keep reading, there's a nice picture of the house somewhere, too, if you're ready for it. The house, that is.
Sterling has been quite candid with me in correspondence in a way that makes me think that most of his reticence to dole out information has less to do with wanting to talk about his music as opposed to disliking the formality of 'interviews'. It's like if you ask someone the question 'Hey, can I ask you a question?' I find that simply asking yields better results.
As far as the purpose of what I do? Well, I think the man put it best himself:
There's nothing to get.
Cheers,J. Brodsky
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>  what was the purpose of exposing corwood's house address and phone number in the short music blog? ..that article stunk of over-objectification and a certain insensitivity... 
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