[Jandek] Latest discography/order form?

Jeff Gomez jeff.gomez at mac.com
Mon Nov 16 08:33:54 PST 2009

I’m really enjoying these recent peeks behind the Corwood veil. Plus, I got to meet The Rep, and shake his hand, at the Brooklyn show, so he’s becoming much more of a human being to me rather than the super odd enigma of five years ago (before he played live and no one really knew what was happening). And while, yeah, the mystery’s a bit gone, that’s okay; what it’s been replaced with is still really interesting, and the music remains what it is. If anything, the fact that The Rep seems to be pretty normal gives me hope (not to mention, in a certain sense, this makes the music more interesting and not less). I mean, if he can walk away from some of the harrowing visions and sounds found on his records, then there’s hope for any one of us who might be going through something similarly difficult. At any rate, a small request: could someone who has received a Corwood order recently post the latest discography/order form? The last one I have listed Not Hunting for Meaning as the newest CD, and I think there’s been two releases since then. Would appreciate it. Thanks...

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