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Two posts about Corwood correspondence.

An old favourite from The Hidde Reverse (I'm sure this has been linked
to before):


On 11/16/09, Jonathan Brodsky <brodskyjonathan at hotmail.com> wrote:
> One of the reasons that Jandek is mentioned in those credits is because it
> is a matter of public record that the rhythm section for the Rudyard's show
> was provided by him: however, now that we know that Corwood was, for at
> least some albums, mixing and mastering, one must now take into account
> these additional costs that Sterling Smith has poured into this most
> eclectic but truly unprofitable venture.
> That being said, here's (http://music.rice.edu/facultybios/bradley.shtml) a
> page on him with an email address. I'm sure that his affiliation with
> Corwood is quite informal as it is, but I'd be curious (though I won't do it
> myself) to contact him with some questions about what records he was
> involved in and if he had any roles in terms of some elements of production:
> I'd be curious if the Rep ever tracked at anything resembling a pro
> facility.
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> http://houstoncalling.net/2009/09/29/sugarhill-studios-celebrates-andy-bradleys-25th-anniversary/
> Amazing post. Look at the list of people Andy Bradley (mentioned in the
> conversation) has worked with:
> Past recording credits include: Little Joe y La Familia Renunsacion (1985),
> Arnett Cobb/Dizzy Gillespie Showtime (1988), Tab Benoit, Nice and Warm
> (1990), Elsa Garcia Ni Mas Ni Menos (2005), Johnny Bush Kashmere Gardens Mud
> (2007) and the upcoming Nelson, Ray Price, Johnny Bush collaboration, Young
> at Heart. Other notable clients include saxophonist Grady Gaines, German
> conductor Christoph Eschenbach of The Houston Symphony, blues trumpeter and
> former B.B. King bandleader Calvin Owens, Italian mezzo-soprano opera singer
> Cecilia Bartoli, violin virtuoso Itzhak Perlman, American soprano Renée
> Fleming, gospel singer Cynthia Clawson and avant-garde folk artist Jandek.
> Quite an eclectic guy.
> On Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 2:02 AM, Jonathan Brodsky
> <brodskyjonathan at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Found this while web surfing.
> http://andrewkarnavas.wordpress.com/2009/11/11/a-conversation-with-jandek-sterling-smith/#comments
> The idea of our (presumably) deeply religious and mostly reserved hero
> saying 'fuck the world' is more than enough to fill me with glee. I feel
> like this is one of the bigger glimpses (everyone's individual personal
> correspondence aside) that we get into the mindset of what Sterling does...
> it's interesting to apply a philosophical bent to the relative ineptitude of
> the musicial proceedings. Plus, now we know that at least some some of these
> albums were/are mixed and mastered at a proper facility... i.e., someone had
> to make these things sound 'good'. Oh, boy. I love this stuff, but can you
> imagine being that engineer back in 1978? 'Hey, my name's Sterling. Here's
> my record for mastering, I think I have a good thing going with it... do you
> think pressing 1,000 copies will be enough?'
> Food for thought.
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