[Jandek] Amazing article.

Jonathan Brodsky brodskyjonathan at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 13 18:02:34 PST 2009

Found this while web surfing.
The idea of our (presumably) deeply religious and mostly reserved hero saying 'fuck the world' is more than enough to fill me with glee. I feel like this is one of the bigger glimpses (everyone's individual personal correspondence aside) that we get into the mindset of what Sterling does... it's interesting to apply a philosophical bent to the relative ineptitude of the musicial proceedings. Plus, now we know that at least some some of these albums were/are mixed and mastered at a proper facility... i.e., someone had to make these things sound 'good'. Oh, boy. I love this stuff, but can you imagine being that engineer back in 1978? 'Hey, my name's Sterling. Here's my record for mastering, I think I have a good thing going with it... do you think pressing 1,000 copies will be enough?'
Food for thought. 		 	   		  
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