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Wed Nov 4 03:39:49 PST 2009

There's been little chatter abut this DVD that I just picked up from
DVDPacific, quite
a large online dvd retailer...Anyway I loved the bootleg of this 'live in
St.Giles Church'
set, jandek solo acoustic. AnywayI was quite excited by the appearance of
this DVD, but
felt a bit ripped off once i put it on. Sure the sound quality of Jandeks'
scraping and moaning
is good, but seriously folks, this is a one camera i-phone quality video.
Compared to other
DVD's this is quite disappointing, it looks like some hipster snuck in and
filmed it on the sly.
Adding to its crapness, it's been filmed from a balcony, with camera often
zzoming in, and the
inherent shake from filming zoomed-in.

The whole thing was made even more disappointing when watching on my 52"
Pioneer plasma
TV in 1080p! At its best this looks like a YouTube video :(.

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