[Jandek] Nashville show results

jbswafford21 at tntech.edu jbswafford21 at tntech.edu
Sun Nov 1 20:03:34 PST 2009

What a show! Jandek manage to produce a very country-western flavor for the 
Music City on the night before Halloween... Thanks to the steady drumming and 
constant rumbling of the Rep's bass along with sometimes picked tones from the 
upper end of the strings...  this, along with the violin, when in effect, gave the 
songs a sort of "swing" to them... also contributing to the sound was the wheezing 
of the harmonium along with various sprinkles of percussion being played simultaneously by the same player... several song referenced horses and one 
mentioned driving along in a pickup truck... It was incredible... Nashville was very 
fortunate to have witnessed and hosted such a unique performance...    

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