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kinda looks like jandek is in front of COSTCO..doin some bargain shopping, probably saw a sale on brussel sprouts
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New Jandek arrived today: 0795, Hasselt Saturday: The Places You Left Me. Eight untitled parts. When you first pop it in, it sounds exactly like The Cell minus bass and percussion. That same consonant, white key, up and down step-wise motion, same kind of hesitant playing and hushed sing-speaking. I confused this show for a moment with the all-instrumental Helsinki show and was actually really startled when vocals popped in after a few minutes. Unlike The Cell, these lyrics are the type of blues you'd expect from the solo guitar albums ("These blues gon' kill me/I die in front of you"), which makes it all the more unsettling to hear them sung over delicate, pretty piano. Spoiler alert: Just when you think the piano playing is going to sound basically the same throughout, Part Six and Part Seven get really muddy and sloppy--almost as wild as The Beginning--before calming down for the 10-minute outro.

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