[Jandek] Sleeping in the Dawn...

jbswafford21 at tntech.edu jbswafford21 at tntech.edu
Fri May 1 01:34:53 PDT 2009

How does one go about obtaining this song? I'd really like to hear it... when I 
clicked on the Avanto page, it says"Document not found" I guess you can't order it 
anymore... Does anyone have the song? If so, would someone care to email me this 
song? I'd love to hear it...I suppose it will be the next concert album after the 
Hasselt show...  I'll buy it then for sure, but I figured I little preview wouldn't hurt, I 
mean after all, the song was commercially released at one time... I'm a HUGE fan of 
this piano compositions... Very classical-like... By the way, the next show up for 
release is the Hasselt show, does anyone know when that'll be coming out? It's 
gotta be pretty soon... Thanks..

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