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I really fell in love with the Hurray for The Riff Raff.  They played a
fantastic set.  I was most impressed with the singers powerful voice and the
backing of the accordion/bass drum, tambourine, trumpet player.  Their best
moments reminded me of Neutral Milk Hotel's most powerful music.

As for the Rep's show, It was interesting, if not incredible.  Shrouded in
shadows, he played a moving set of improvised piano that reminded me of
Music for Airports type Eno.  This was perfect music for studying or just a
dark room.  As much as I liked what I heard, and I was pleased as punch to
get to see the Rep in person, I would have traded it in a minute for a
guitar/vocals set.

That being said I will be purchasing a copy of the New Orleans Monday as
soon as its available.  I just hope all the people who showed up late and
made an awful racket don't show up on the audio.

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> What I liked about them was the same thing I love about The Band's first
> two records.  It's modern music but the songs sound like they were pulled
> from a 100 yr old hymnal
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> Though I wasn't at the show I've seen Hurray for the Riff Raff before and
> can really vouch for them. A friend of mine knows one of the band members
> personally, so it was a big surprise to see them mentioned here!
> They're really worth a quick listen if you all have time.
> http://www.myspace.com/hurrayfortheriffraff
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