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I just transcribed the lyrics for *Not Hunting For Meaning*.  Enjoy.


1.) Front Porch Shimmy

Front porch shimmy

Flying in a chair

I don’t need nothing

Just the picture in my eye

I got you, baby

A thousand times

It’s turning my mind

I got no restraint

Front porch shimmy

Flying in a chair

The sounds and the colors

The temperature

I got me moving

All over town

The front porch shimmy

Flying in a chair

Oh, what’s that now?

Just a little thing

The front porch shimmy

Just a little thing

2.) Stay Me Here

I don’t like to go out

I stay me here

I got some food

I got some drink

I got facilities

And my bed to lay me down

I know the territory

I can see all around

It’s not so bad

It’s the best I have

I don’t think about it

Just do my job

I don’t like to go out

Just stay me here

I got my work and my pleasure

Passing the afternoon

With the light and the dark

I live my life

I don’t like to go out

I stay me here

3.) Silent Wander

The long lasted years

Spitting out the days

Dropping anywhere to sleep

Wild fruit and fish

Dreaming with wits about

Not seeing any path

It could’ve been ne’er (air?) walked on

There was no way to know

The warnings were there

Animal tracks

But it was just a passing notice

The darkness and the silence

Perhaps the city was somewhere looming

Water in the stream was cold

The air so thin

Falling down mountains

Body rolled into a ball

For all that classical knowledge

It seemed so sensuous

Light years away

In a pocket of memory

The shadow of something

Careening into the future

Just as the idea came

And popped into another spent bubble

There was no way through the tall grass

Not beaten nor trodden

But what did it matter?

The sought after was not to be found

The contemplation was scattered

Ravaged and torn at the seams

The country lanes were far away

The grace of an arrow

Shot to this place

Not hunting for meaning

That dissolved long ago

The way was spurious

Fleetingly peaking in the next vista

Substantial connectors disappeared

The violence had ceased

Now the silent wander persisted

Only flashes surfaced

On the venture lasted

With no reason to stop

The memberships forgotten

The precipice forsaken

Stranded on the self-created island

That wasn’t on the map

Hidden genetics of fortitude

Danced in the passing hours

It really wasn’t disagreeable

Commingled in the stars and sand

A bludgeon blacked-out reality

At least the way it was

The necessary operation

Was taking place right now

Cold and concealed

Scalpeled like a coma

>From the concrete day to day

An endangered species

Lurking and prowling

Requesting the sustenance

Of a rain-down day

Clamor and bolts

Big rocks along the gorge

Cranial visions

Those persons seen those days ago

Who sent them?

Never mind

Time was only an inkling

The corporal feeling continued

Eventually civilization would intervene

Sensitivities kept saying so

It didn’t mean the end

Just switching gears

To the steel and glass

Of a contrary wind

Convoluted and tortuous

It seemed all far away

>From the colors and the scents

And the utter lack of glory

Positions in the preamble

Panoply, integral

The way to be on top

Was fall to the depths uncharted

They didn’t pass out choice cards

Somehow you just found yourself there

The table in the canyon

All the sky falling down

Sounds in the thicket

Rainbows for a bridge

The morning was the evening

Forsaken and cast away

The flash that she lives

Disappeared instantly

Common and crass

The creature groveled

The quality frozen

Genealogy was lucky

Its wings prevented death

The gangly monster was infuriated

Stomping and pacing ineffectively

The gates of the passage way were keyed by rebirth

Without due evil striking to the core

Obligations bade the forgetful dilemma

Process the direction

And go on

The stroll of a lifetime

The carnage had been done

Blotted and dried to dust

The air was naked

Truncated and serene

The callous spirit

Grounded to a pebble

Burst out so powerful

It filled the sky with stones

Brilliant in the night sky

Seen from the bed of dirt

Ah, but the eyes were a gift

Driven to see all this and know the time that wasn’t

As clear as the time that was

Castigated and unable

Nothing but movement

Ambling tomorrow

Knocking somewhere

A door that smitherined

To make all the dwellings that would be
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